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Teaching Philosophy

My foremost goals in teaching are to help students realize their full musical potential through quality piano instruction and to facilitate their journey of finding joy in music. Through these two primary objectives, I will meet each student where he or she is at and create an individualized approach that best meets his or her needs. The goals of each student are different—some students are beginners who are encountering the piano and music lessons for the first time, others are taking lessons to add joy and creativity to their lives, some possess a proclivity for music and need guidance in how to express themselves, some may strive for technical and interpretive competency to perform well in competitions or a collegiate music program, and others are rekindling a love for piano after taking some time away. I find common ground with my students, combining the most effective teaching methods and modalities in piano—which I have gathered through personal experience, an education in classical piano performance and piano pedagogy, and research and training on teaching children and adults with exceptionalities—with the student’s individual strengths and interests. I follow a comprehensive curriculum of music education that consists of theory, ear training, technique, musicianship, composition, and solo and ensemble performance so that each student can become a well-rounded, confident musician.


As a pianist, I find it incredibly important to continually develop my own artistry and expand my pedagogical knowledge and technique.  I engage in solo and chamber performance, continue to learn new repertoire, and fervently research the latest pedagogical methods and perspectives so that I can best serve my students. 


I am so grateful to have the opportunity to give back what I have been so generously given through my studies in music.  I plan to bring my enthusiasm, positive attitude, professionalism, artistry, and love for teaching to each and every lesson.

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